ReDefine  collaborates with health and wellness practitioners and facilitators to bring you the best retreat and workshop experience. The following beautiful woman have contributed their gifts and talents to support many folks in creating a quality of life that warms their hearts and touches their soul.

If you’re interested in being a co-facilitator, please contact me to discuss the possibility of working together.

Zeina El-Sayed is a Certified Independent Paralegal. She has helped many families in the process of filing for divorce, understanding how difficult this time can be. She also understands how the process of filing for divorce can seem foreign and complicated.

Zeina’s promise: she will use her expertise and knowledge to make your process as clear and simple as possible to get your divorce judgement approved and signed – complications free.

Website: TrustedDivorceServices

Mark Grabill is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst that is specially trained to teach all financial aspects of the pending decisions in a separation and divorce.

Mark is an owner and operator of a brokerage that specializes in the field of finance and asset management. They provide financial education and awareness to Canadian families, small business and individuals in need of support and planning of financial implications during divorce.

Website: SuccessByDesign

karenpicKerrin Macintosh is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and Ritual Facilitator based in Edmonton, AB.

I’ve spent the last 25 years actively learning and practicing the teachings and ceremonies of the Blackfoot people of Southern Alberta, and also have a background in Reflexology, Massage, and Personal Growth. I now combine all the wisdom and knowledge I’ve gained into my healing sessions.

Website: PathwaysBodyTalk

Caroline Stewart RYT200, BSCNEthics & Meditation Instructor, Business Coach, Mentor, and Director of Inspiration InspirED Me Learning based in St.Albert, AB.

Everything that Caroline offers and shares, from courses and workshops in Yoga, Meditation and Visioning to transformative business coaching and personal mentoring, Caroline upholds this vision and supports the essential journey of growth and transformation.

Caroline loves to facilitate self-discovery and believes in living an inspired and authentic life of abundance, creativity, balance, purpose and connection.


timmiepicTimmie Policarpio, E-RYT, FIS, NWL, is a Reiki, Energy Healing Master Teacher, Yoga & Zumba Instructor, Certified Health Coach, and Blogger/Writer based in Edmonton, AB.

I’ve worked with and studied energy healing and metaphysical practices for many, many years, and I’ve become passionate about empowering others to do the same. I truly believe that Reiki can benefit everyone, and that more people would have more peace, comfort, and happiness in their lives if they practiced Reiki on themselves regularly. Mission–to empower women to live their happiest + healthiest lives through her workshops, classes, and writing. Timmie teaches Reiki and Crystal Healing certification workshops and offers private training throughout the Edmonton area.

Website: Sacred-Wellness-of-Healing-Arts

desiraepicDesirae Roth is a Certified Yoga Teacher and Personal Fitness Trainer based in Edmonton, AB.

I’ve spent the last 6 years developing my skills as a yoga instructor and enjoy teaching beginner gentle flow, yin and restorative. I create customized sessions to focus on individuals health needs. Inner peace and positive energy is what I want for everyone to experience. I believe yoga is a great means for reconnecting back to what matters most–You!

Carol BioCarol Collin is a Mixed Media Artist based in Saskatoon, AB.

I bring woman’s hearts into their art. I am a gypsy at heart, a lover of people, food, music, and a travelling soul. My past was filled with a lot of moves, changes, and loss. I am certain this is what contributed and helped to shape my gypsy soul. That said, I fell in love with Mixed-Media Art because of the uncertainty and variety it offers. I use these principles to teach others to find acceptance and joy in the playful mess. When we can do that in small ways, it can translate and help in big ways. And lastly…Yes Carolyn’s my twin sister!

Website: ScoutAndBurrow

LiandraLiandrah Hardnail is a Certified Practitioner of the Soul Voice® Method based in Edmonton, AB.

I developed a practice that combines the gentle yet powerful healing practices of Oracle Readings, Pendulum Divination, and Guided Meditation. I’ve dedicated the last 20 years to sharing these gifts with individuals and groups in the Edmonton area.

Website: Liandrah Hardnail

View More: Fuller, Advanced Crystal Healing, Usui Reiki Master, Member of CRA (Canadian Reiki Association), Certified Angel Practitioner, Advanced Angel Practitioner, and Certified Medium based in Calgary, AB.

If someone would have told me that in 20 years I’d be on a Spiritual path, working with Crystals and Universal Energy I would have scoffed at such an idea. As with many of us, we all grow up having an issue or two (our “story”) and I believe it’s part of our purpose to become aware of those issues so we can overcome the shadow side of each, and live a happier peaceful, more fulfilling life – a life where we operate out of choice rather than leading a life of constant drama and upset – A life where we take responsibility as opposed to playing the victim role…“heal ourselves, through self awareness, letting go, and then choosing our direction”…this is where I can show you the way!


Kim Lincoln is a violinist, guitar player, singer song writer and visual artist based in Edmonton, AB.

I’ve been a member of the Grande Prairie Symphony Orchestra and performed as guest musician & vocalist on numerous recording projects in Calgary & Edmonton. After teaching Suzuki Violin for 20 years in Grande Prairie and Edmonton, I am now focused on the creation of my own music and collaborating with other musical, literary and visual artists in Alberta. I create in order to make sense of my world, to gain clarity and to connect with, and heal myself and others.


Supearlative awards picture

Lil Lezarre owns a professional bra fitting company called, “Tender Loving Cups” based in Edmonton, AB.

Family, happiness and contentment are very important to me. I am committed to supporting woman in experiencing true comfort and harmony.


Dr.Vera Baziuk is a Chiropractor that has been in practice since 2002. She offers families and those seeking wellness Chiropractic Care that will help their bodies increase its healing capacity and adapt to stress.

I’m here to educate participants about living a better lifestyle through chiropractic and healthy changes they can make outside visits.

Website: The School of Advanced Wellness