ReDefine ™ facilitates Health and Wellness Retreat services to help you Rest, Reset and Refresh.

Bringing community together to nurture & nourish the mind, body, soul and heart through group activities such as sound and crystal healing, art expression sessions, yoga, teaching about proper nutrition, healing through conversation and connections, release rituals, animal wisdom teachings, meditation, self-care and awareness workshops, Kirtan and fireside drumming.

Recent Retreats: Summer SOULstice 2014, Winter SOULstice 2014, Summer SOULstice 2015, SOULsisters ™ June 2016, Coming Soon Summer Retreat!  

Participants have experienced the following benefits:

  • Getting away from their current busy environment
  • Reconnecting with nature
  • Slowing down their pace of life
  • Experiencing an environment that supports wellness
  • Taking time to recharge
  • Learning to meditate
  • Learning about nutrition and self-care
  • Getting time and space to heal

As a Professional Certified Life Coach and Retreat Facilitator, I assist individuals in exploring and developing new skills in order to create self awareness, self-acceptance, and balance. I offer all of this in a confidential, non-threatening, supportive and encouraging environment.

Note, there are up to 15 spots available to allow for proper personal care and attention. See the following link for information on service fees.

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