carolynOnPorchv3Hi, my name is Carolyn J Collin!

I am a Certified Professional Life Coach specializing in break up-divorce recovery. Additionally, I offer other services such as Reiki, Crystal Healer, Yoga Practitioner, and Health & Wellness Facilitator dedicated to bringing balance, wellness, and self-love into the lives of others.

I’ve studied personal development for approximately 23 years and still counting. My life’s mission is being in service to others (especially through break-ups and divorce) helping to inspire people to find the right balance, enjoyment, and meaning in their lives. I’ve achieved my Competent Communicator and Advanced Leader Awards from Toastmasters International.

I attribute most of my success to being exposed to many of life’s challenges. I am well rounded and have the ability to connect with others in a truly meaningful way. I am a mother of a 22-year-old son named Brett, a twin, a nature lover and I must admit to having a quirky sense of humor.

I facilitate break-up/divorce Support Groups, SOUL Retreats, Reiki and Crystal Healing sessions, Yoga classes and Private One on One’s, and serve as a Meditation facilitator at The Centre for Spiritual Living.  In addition, I provide One-on-One Coaching that inspires and transforms individuals to become the greatest versions of themselves.

I believe that…

My life experiences are what make me an empathetic and compassionate person. They have provided me an understanding of the people I have the opportunity to sit down and connect with. My ability to be vulnerable and honest about my life gives others permission to do the same, which in turn opens the doorway to understanding, self-acceptance, acknowledgement, and, most importantly healing.

A fighter for living…

I always carry hope in my heart, ushering the new day in. It’s integral to surround yourself with people who will hold you in high regard, even when you may not feel it for yourself at the moment. I have had to personally borrow others’ belief about me in what I could accomplish many times over. I am where I am today because of the support systems I put in place.

You are a right fit if…

You are ready to grieve, feel, understand and want to create purpose from your suffering.

You know you can heal yourself, you are simply seeking guidance & tools.

You are someone who finds a way and not an excuse.

You are willing to invest in yourself today because you know it’ll be worth the gains achieved.

You are committed to doing what’s necessary to shift things for the better in your life.

You are 100% committed to attend regular meetings and/or sessions on time.

You are hungry and ready to take action in co-creating meaningful change in your life.

In having said that…

I BELIEVE in YOU! I believe in all the dreams, all the desires you hold in your heart and in your mind. I’d be honored to assist you in your journey and evolution towards greater balance and happiness. See testimonials page in how lives have been impacted and changed by taking a chance with ReDefine 

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