Carolyn Collin is a remarkable young woman: inspired, motivated and committed to her personal journey of inner transformation and deep inquiry. Carolyn is an agent of powerful positive change and coaching excellence for all of her clients and everyone whose life she touches.

Dr. Patrick Cameron
Minister, Centre for Spiritual Living

Carolyn’s genuine passion for helping others, as well as her own profound life and learning experiences, have allowed her to gather some of the most powerful teachings and strategies for personal transformation available…and she knows how to bring out the absolute best in those she works with.

In just two short months, her coaching/prompting and guidance helped me take ideas I had in my mind for years, and turn it into a practical money course. I’ll be teaching it at a local Centre for Spiritual Living. They said it was an answer to their prayers! If you’re ready to make a real change for the better, Carolyn can help you make it happen.

Charles Bégin 
Abacus Wealth Management, CFP®

Carolyn’s exemplary leadership and coaching skills leave you wanting more of her special gifts and guidance. Being in her presence is calming and energizing at the same time. Her wisdom and experience go well beyond her earthly years. From the moment I met her, I knew immediately that I wanted to be her friend and have her in my life.

Cheryl Johner
Ward A, Trustee
Edmonton Public School Board

I have always had an interest in Reiki because I heard it was good for the mind, body and spirit. My granddaughter introduced me to Carolyn during a visit to Edmonton. I was suffering from anxiety and stress at the time and Carolyn graciously offered her time and expertise, giving me my first Reiki treatment.

My experience with Carolyn was very relaxing. I immediately felt at ease with her calm demeanor and down to earth personality. After that treatment, I felt like a weight had been lifted. The transfer of energy was amazing! My anxiety was gone, and first the first time in a while, I had a full, peaceful night of sleep. Overall, it was a very healing experience. Carolyn is a sweetheart, very professional. I have seen her twice now, and will continue my reiki treatments with her when I visit Edmonton.


Courtenay, B.C.

After my first session with Carolyn, I felt like I had read AND implemented at least 12 self-help books. I had always been aware of the benefits of life coaching, but I had no idea that it would be as transformational as it was. Carolyn helped me shift my paradigms, and gave me a whole new perspective on my life as it is now, and moving forward.

It was incredibly emotional as I was made aware of my unconscious patterns, but ultimately empowering because I have the tools and confidence to bust through my blocks and operate from a place of self-love and compassion. I’m always raving about Carolyn to my friends, and I highly recommend that you give yourself the gift of life coaching with her!

Timmie Wanechko, E-RYT, FIS, HWL

Reiki Master Teacher

I decided I wanted to get out more, do something new and meet likeminded people. Besides being fun the support group I joined was beneficial to me. The group comprised of diverse men and women of varying ages. As a group we shared openly and honestly. I was astounded by the compassion and non judgement. We all have something to give/contribute and it was great to feel supported. Even though each of us was at a different stage of our life’s journey I could relate with everyones pain and triumphs.

It was comforting to know that other people are going through and feeling much of the same things I am. This in turn helped me speak openly about my issues, desires and where I am in my life. I learned to trust and value myself more as well as having more awareness and compassion for all. It was a great experience for me and I loved every minute of it. The tasty snacks we took turns bringing was a real treat too. I would encourage anybody looking for a new spark in your life or wanting to feel more support to join a support group. Namaste.

Barbara Schaefer

I had the incredible opportunity to participate in a support group lead by Carolyn Collin. Carolyn’s ability to create an open and safe space where participants can explore and share of themselves is a rare and beautiful gift. Carolyn’s passion and desire to help people be their best selves radiates from her. If you get an opportunity to spend time with her, take it.

Teresa Harder


My experience of a Summer SOUL Retreat was one of awe and magic. The event was fun, creative & organized. From the spa, to the connection with horses, to the organic whole food snacks and meals (which were totally delicious!). Carolyn is a warm hearted and caring person who genuinely cares for people. Her child like innocence, sensitive, intuitive nature is very easy and comfortable to be with.

She is spirited, integral, and very committed to her path of truth. One word to describe Carolyn –precious. Should you decide to attend Carolyn’s SOUL Retreats, the experience would be worth it, even if its just to connect with Woman of like-mind, spirit and to have some fun!!

Arlene Sitarz

Carolyn has helped me with many aspects of my life; from relationships, to career, to my spiritual endeavours. She’s made all of these transitions as smooth as they could be with the knowledge provided through our coaching sessions. I’ve also witnessed Carolyn in all her areas of her life; from career, business, mother and friend. She is professional, patient, compassionate and has so much life experience that has led her to being one of my favourite people to be around and the first person I call for a session when I need advice with anything.

She has always kept me on the right track. She never judges, listens intently, and provides the insight I need at that moment in time. She has the kindest heart and you can tell she was brought here to help people. Most importantly she genuinely cares. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart for helping me be the best I can be.

Desirae Roth

Owner of Joy Yoga Studio

Thank you for being such an incredibly inspiring, supportive, beautiful, knowledgable, ever evolving soul!!! You inspire me to become better for myself and everyone I come in contact with! Thank you for being a true leader!! I love you Carolyn!!

Valeeshia Young

Carolyn is a life coach and a friend. She has a great sense of initiative that she partners with a drive to be the best. She’s insightful, energetic and loyal. If you are looking for someone to help you become more successful in either your personal, spiritual, or professional life, Carolyn is that person. She cares deeply about others and her enthusiasm for achievement is infectious.

Mark Lindberg

Financial Educator

Carolyn really helped me think through things and then take measurable steps to get results. She was firm when she needed to be with me but also very sensitive and helpful. I am much more confident these days and I am excited to take my on-line business to the next level. It was a difficult process for me, but Carolyn made it better with her patience and support. Mosaic Magazine’s Artist for the Spring 2016 issue.

Carol, Artist,

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

I have been a part of two ‘Support Groups’ facilitated by Carolyn, and both have been uplifting experiences. It’s one thing to challenge ourselves to look deep within, all on our own, but it’s a much more rewarding journey when we are able to share our experiences with a GROUP in a safe, loving environment. Carolyn helps create an atmosphere that is welcome and inviting. I would encourage anyone looking for a sense of community to participate in one of Carolyn’s Support Groups. I look forward to the next one.

Tracy Spokes

Owner at Green Dog Microbubble Pet Spa

Feedback from “Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends”

Support Group (Feb. – Apr. 2017):

“I highly recommend this support group for anyone in transition. This group literally changed the course of my life for the better. Forever Grateful! ~Timmie Policarpio

This support group helped me to be more confident and learn how to be myself and take care of myself. Warm place to be, make new friends with no judgment. ~Patricianne Nankoua

I am very grateful that I attended this support group. The book was easy to read and I had “Ah-ha” moments. This was a great environment to share, laugh and cry. I feel much more confident and knowledgeable as I continue on my journey. ~Heather Stint

It has been my honour to be a part of Carolyn’s life and to witness her own evolution. She has been a great resource & sounding board of reason in times of need following the end of a 17 year marriage. Aside from being an amazing friend she has been a great mentor opening doors to life’s endless adventures!  

She understands the emotional heart & mind. Carolyn uses her own personal experience to help people open themselves to discovery & enlightenment. She is a master of creating feelings of acknowledgment, being heard and appreciation. Carolyn opens your mind to believe you can dream and live your goals.

Mark Grabill, CDFA
Executive Marketing Director – WFG

Carolyn is an energetic, positive bright light! She is a seeker; constantly identifying opportunities to reveal the potentiality in her own life and others. She is warm, wise, insightful and has a great sense of humor. I have enjoyed every step of our journey together!

Reverend Tammie

Staff Minister – CSL Edmonton

I can’t thank Carolyn enough for helping me gain perspective on my life and my stresses when I first came to her. Her approach, structure and methods helped me to immediately feel like I was in good hands. I also loved how she was willing to share her own life experiences and personal stories. It is clear that she cares about her clients and is committed to their successes. I look forward to continuing to work with her.

Robert B.

Carolyn has been coaching me for a few years now. She has a very compassionate human quality, strong while still having a soft heart. She is inspiring and has an ability to make you feel an inner calm. Carolyn is a person that always sees your worth and helps you to believe in yourself and your value as a person.

She has helped me believe in myself again, creating new goals for myself. By her side, I have grown into a stronger person, who now can face anything. She makes any situation less difficult. I would like to thank her for her time, dedication and above all, always having a heart while helping me.

Angelica G.

I have been practicing yoga with Carolyn for quite awhile and I have enjoyed every time she has taught me. She is very good at making you feel comfortable and at peace. She has a great ability to teach the technique at your pace and mould it to your needs. She is very good at making the practice fun and enjoyable. I always feel calm and happy after our practice.

James Rice

I liked that the retreat was a personalized setting where I could be O.K with focusing on myself. Day to day life does not allow us this permission. I felt all the facilitators made it very welcoming to just be myself, focus on myself, and start to heal. The event had huge educational value! I loved it! The name “SOULstice” implies change, like the change of seasons. Very powerful.

Dave Kost

USANA Health Sciences Rep

I understand now that Spirit steered me to Carolyn in a time when my life was in a million fragments. Carolyn’s love and spirit helped me get to a place/space of self love embraced in the love of the Holy Spirit.

Lorraine Oberg

When I signed up for my first support group, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was for a book but I realize it ended up being a conscious awaking for me. The group was led by a Carolyn who welcomed and forged bonds with a diverse personalities and life experiences. Every meeting we learned more about ourselves and each other. The book was a conduit to learning more about who we are and what we want out of ourselves and others.

Carolyn created a environment of accountability, consciousness and the joy of being who we are. The risk to grow with others was nurtured in a loving environment. I look forward to more of these experiences. Thank you Carolyn Collin. You are an amazing and dynamic person. I feel blessed to have you part of that experience.

Suzanne Lidgren

University of Alberta Hospital, Technologist II

I am delighted to have become acquainted with Carolyn in the past year. She is very dedicated and passionate in her commitment to help and support people in their healing journey. She is the real thing, very genuine, open, honest, and sincere. I love her humor and her passion. What I see in her is a demonstration of trust, empathy, and humility. But perhaps most important to me is her devotion to her own healing and awakening.

Sarah Huemmert

I found the support group the greatest tool to become accountable and really experience the momentum of personal shifting within a small group dynamic. I loved that I joined this group and when the ideas in the book got too heavy or not clear, Carolyn was there !! She was incredible.

Carolyn is an excellent leader and a Support Group is a very low risk cost-effective method into the world of personal growth. Not to mention I actually read the book!! I usually have 18 books on the go and I actually finished this one-yippee. I also grew tremendously from listening to others peoples experiences, outcomes and perceptions.

Jennifer Murphy

Re/Max Realtor

Energy, commitment and loyalty are three words that describe Carolyn Collin. Her work ethic, her service to others and her ability to empower others to be the best that they can be is one of her unique strengths. If you need someone in your corner who is a good listener, has follow up and follow through, Carolyn is such a person. Her deep care and keen sense of outreach and sensitivities makes her a valuable mentor and coach. I would recommend Carolyn as a person who may be able to assist you in discovering your strengths.

Laura Cameron


Carolyn’s coaching style is one that makes me feel like I’m getting a giant hug and a kick in the pants at the same time. She creates a gentle and safe space for vulnerability, but isn’t afraid to push me when I need it. She holds the space while I discover and uncover, but also focuses on where I want to go and how to get myself there. Her genuine commitment to my growth is obvious and comforting and I couldn’t ask for a better friend and coach.

Jeanine Gallinger

Schmidt Realtor

I have known Carolyn for over 3 years now. Our time together, limited through work until this past year where I’ve spent more one on one time, discussing personal issues that I’ve had to face. I’ll admit, at first I wasn’t sure where our relationship was going but after taking the leap and opening up completely, Carolyn has given me guidance with unconditional love and acceptance.

She has opened not only my mind to a different thought process but given me back my voice. I’ve rediscovered my self-worth, revalued myself and found my footing. This is all from Carolyn asking me the right questions at the right moments. I cannot express the gratitude I have for her being in my life and helping me rebuild my personal foundation.

Nicole C New

These past three days have been hugely transformative for me. Along with your advice and empowering words, a Honey Nut Cheerios commercial has reminded me of my true purpose in this life, the honey bees are dying…and my greatest memories in my life were thanks to the hard work they’ve done. They kept my favourite smell and sight of flowers, trees, and plants alive, they grew the vegetables and fruit I helped my grandpa grow and pick, they’ve kept my favourite food honey on the table, and they’ve done so without ever asking for anything in return.

It breaks my heart to think that there’s a huge possibility my next generation won’t ever experience those things if nothing is done to help save them, so I’ve decided to save my Yoga Instructing for winter and keep my springs and summers open to plant wildflowers and assist bees and bee keepers in any way I can. Thank you Carolyn, my love and appreciation for you in this life is more than space, time, words, or distance could ever measure.

Brett Patterson

Yoga Teacher

Feedback from our SOULsisters™ Retreat (June 2016):

“I now know what my soul needs and I will put the work in to help heal!”

“Not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised by the camaraderie of all the women. The acceptance and no judgement while exposing ourselves (spiritually and emotionally) and learning new experiences. Loved it!”

“Great group size, being with other women from different points in their lives. Loved the variety and the smudging ritual.”

“The energy that you felt when you came in was warm and welcoming. Each part was enjoyable and brought out what I wanted to find within myself.”

“It was an uplifting experience, thank you for the memorable day!”

“Lots of wonderful women to learn from. I liked the variety (reiki, crystals, yoga) and how intimate and small it was.”

“There were many different ways to heal – chanting, journaling, etc.”

“I loved the variety. Smudging, crystals, soul searching activity, music. There is something for everyone. So if one thing doesn’t connect with you, the next thing might.”