ReDefine ™ Professional Life Coaching Services.

First coaching is NOT therapy;

An important thing to remember about life coaching is that coaches do not diagnose mental illness or treat it. If I felt a client would be better suited to work with a mental health professional, I would work with them to find resources in choosing
one with no hesitation.

I have had both therapists and coaches at different times of my life. The work was similar in some ways but different in others.

Past or Future?

Another point of confusion that is brought up often is that “therapists deal with the past and coaches deal with the future.”

This comment always gives me pause. I mean, yes, as a coach it is my desire to have my clients moving in a forward direction. But I would hope that therapists would want their clients to do the same and not stay as a forever-patient.

One thing that I know is true: We are a product of our past. Not a single decision or reaction is made without some influence from the past. It’s learning the wisdom of the past that can move us forward or can keep us stuck.

So to come clean on this, at times, I do explore the past with my clients as long as my client and I feel it is an important exploration to moving toward their goal. If going back to look the past is too emotional or painful (think abuse, trauma or PTSD that hasn’t received proper attention), then it’s best if my client do this exploration with a therapist. Please understand, tears are fine and strong emotions are fine. But emotions that are overwhelming and would cause a relapse of feelings is best for a client to seek someone trained to work with these scenarios.

So enough of what life coaches are “not.”  What “are” we?

I like to think of myself as a guide, someone who walks a journey with my clients. I let them lead and walk beside them; or maybe if the brush has overgrown, I’ll blaze the trail for a couple of steps to help them retake the direction.

At the start of a coaching relationship, I have my clients establish a focus for our time together. We meet in person or via Zoom, where they are home and feel most safe.

I listen. I ask questions that can lead to deeper discovery as they answer, search and share the thoughts that come up for them. I ask a variety of question styles from fact finding, clarifying, or those that have a client move out of their head and into the reactions of their body (somatic questions). I offer accountability and if needed, a little confronting with love and kindness for clients who are afraid to admit the truth. We work on creating the positive outcome they are wanting, in thought and in action.

At times we will work through exercises and there are times when I assign “homework” to help strengthen our conversation between sessions. But we are constantly moving toward the focus goal.

Some of the benefits of life coaching are as follows:

  • Re-building your life after a relationship ends
  • How to navigate the after effects of divorce and manage your children through it all
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • Modifying the filters that colour your world
  • Seeing yourself and others in improved ways
  • Finding your true self and exercise your true potential
  • Getting past the sticking points in your life
  • Learning to love yourself

As a Professional Certified Life Coach, I assist individuals in exploring and developing new skills in order to create self awareness, self-acceptance, and balance. I offer all of this in a confidential, non-threatening, supportive and encouraging environment.

I also provide online, and tele-coaching should logistics be an issue. I am trusted by my clients and I believe in you. See the following link for information on service fees.

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