Love and Compassion are Nature’s Medicines

by Carolyn
Carolyn J. Collin Edmonton Life Coach Divorce Coach Support Groups

It is my belief love and compassion can make the sadness, anger, and coldness you’ve been feeling, perhaps have become accustomed to feeling — heal. At least, that is my hope for everyone.

Who really wins?

As human beings we appear to be hard wired
wanting to be right, wishing for things to be different, and fighting for circumstances to be fair. In my experience life rarely turns out this way.

I went through many years of torment due to a family court battle that never seemed to have an ending. These concepts of things needing to be right, different, fair had caused everyone involved so much pain, anger and confusion —— not a winning combo for anyone.

True Power Lays in Love And Compassion

I heard the aforementioned statement about a few years ago but never really understood it, until I started putting it into practice. I made a choice one day to set aside my desire for things to be right, different, fair by putting forth in every interaction the real tools that have true power–“Love and Compassion.”

As a result of exercising these tools, my circumstances started to shift and change for the better. Reactions from others softened. I became less burdened, less angry, less uptight. It was an act of surrender and trust for a greater yet to be.

Love Heals Our Wounds

I had prayed often hoping for a healing to occur with my broken family. Many times in church, on my knees, or in my sweat ceremonies I would ask source/spirit to come into my life and make things better. On my son’s 17th birthday, May 24, 2015 my prayer came true. My son’s Father and I sat with our grown young man and enjoyed a birthday dinner altogether. It was a rare moment for us but more importantly our son.

For the sake of creating anew, I sat back, listened and offered love and compassion. I left my ego out of it and didn’t fight the need to be right with what was being shared. On account of this, we were able to connect and get along. I was shown that love and compassion can truly be the medicine our souls have been longing for and that maintaining the idea that things need to be right, different and fair was not worth it in the end. If you want to experience more happiness, I urge you to start implementing these powerful tools in your life today.

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