Voted Best Life Coach by Best in Edmonton

by Carolyn

“Empowering Your Journey: Carolyn Collin, Voted Best Life Coach by Best in Edmonton. Shape a life of purpose today with ReDefine Coach™ guidance.

Sometimes, we stumble through life and need a pick-me-up. And sometimes, that pick-me-up comes in the form of a life coach. If you need such a pick-me-up, the best life coaches in Edmonton can help you see life through a new lens. Searching for those who can give you a boost, we’ve turned to the life coaches who offer the best-regarded and most in-demand services. At the end of our search, these were the ones we found to be the best life coaches in Edmonton:

First in our list of the best life coaches in Edmonton is Redefine.

Redefine specializes not just in life coaching but in spiritual healing through Reiki energy and yoga practice. They also provide support groups for divorcees and relationship endings. As they’re one of the best life coaches in Edmonton, you’re assured that you will get great care, a boost in self-esteem, and healing through Redefine.


  • Retreats available
  • Divorce and relationship ending support groups
  • Spiritual healing available

Customer Reviews

Customers are all praise for them. Take a look at these reviews:

“I understand now that Spirit steered me to Carolyn in a time when my life was in a million fragments. Carolyn’s love and spirit helped me get to a place/space of self love embraced in the love of the Holy Spirit.”
—Lorraine Oberg, Testimonials

“My emotional and spiritual advisor. Finds me calm and happiness. Take bad out. insert good. Thank you.”
—Brandon Van Unen, Testimonials

Source: Best in Edmonton

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