A Warrior Within

by Carolyn
Carolyn J. Collin Edmonton Life Coach Divorce Coach Support Groups

I’ve experienced much loss. Some losses were out of my control; some wherein I had to make the excruciating personal choice to let go because staying meant putting another above me. It’s all too easy in life to stay the course of the well-worn-path, but to switch directions completely not knowing where that new path will lead, takes courage – a warrior-type courage.

The Spiritual Warrior in Me

I have come to know myself as being a warrior — a Spiritual Warrior — “one who combats self-ignorance, the universal enemy, the ultimate source of suffering in Buddhist philosophy.” A spiritual warrior is “a heroic being with a brave mind and ethical impulse.” Different from other paths, the spiritual warrior compassionately helps others with wisdom.

The Spin Cycle

People often remain in a cycle of quandary not realizing their life is passing them by. They are walking mindlessly, merely reacting to their environment rather then waking up to the present moment and coming ALIVE into it!

They’ve lost hope due to their pain-filled experiences. They do not dare tempt fate for the off chance they may experience more pain. They choose the spin cycle, not realizing that in fact they have chosen a long-term relationship with pain — instead of jumping over the chasm and choosing a short-term relationship with pain. It’s not easy to follow the internal calling to make a change but I can tell you from making this choice over and over again, it’s well worth it!

My Quest

Since my early 20’s, I’ve been aiming to achieve a higher understanding of myself. Suffice it to say: one may never reach the place of full understanding as we are always evolving and shape-shifting into greater versions of ourselves. Nevertheless, not everyone is as ambitious to strive for this level of enlightenment. I personally have not chosen the path of least resistance. I have felt excessive emotions of sadness and anger, as well as feelings of pure love and ecstasy from my own actions taken.

My quest is motivated in assisting others along their path in creating positive shifts in their life and finding their Warrior within. I believe it’s important for us all to dig deep and align our inner selves with the outer World. Do you want to live a much richer and fuller life? Would you like to become more accepting of self and thus accepting of others? It’s never to late to make the choice to find your Warrior within and begin igniting wonderful new opportunities. Your Life awaits!

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