How Long Will You Keep the Ghosts of the Past Alive?!

by Carolyn
Carolyn J. Collin Edmonton Life Coach Divorce Coach Support Groups

It saddens me to see people suffer from past experiences and old ideas (I’ve been there). These unresolved, unprocessed emotions often remain hidden and locked in the subconscious mind, and more importantly, locked inside the body. These “hungry ghosts” (as the Buddhists call being driven animalistically by intense emotions) make numerous attempts throughout one’s life to be heard, to be seen, to have their story told in order to find a respectful, and final, resting place.

Unresolved, unexpressed energy is unhealthy to carry…

If you think stuffing and playing David Copperfield with your feelings will make them disappear, think again. The more we try to stuff, deny, and repress these painful experiences, the more we become unconsciously controlled by their haunting memory. These unresolved emotions often contain a charged-like energy within them that can become lodged in certain parts of the body. Many eastern traditions, like yoga and acupuncture (and author Louise Hay, among many others) say these repressed emotions clog up the body’s energy channels and are the source and cause of many ailments and diseases. Why do we try to avoid them? Are we afraid we’d lose control and burst into pieces if we dared take a closer look?

Move towards greater peace of mind, health and balance

Many who play this game of denial have unhealthy habits or vices they reach for in times when they need a little bit of solace and peace. But that so called “peace” comes at a very high price. Manufactured peace is not real peace. It can also lead to addiction. That said, the only way to have true peace and lasting happiness is to face our ghosts and come to terms with them.

At the end of the day, we can all aim to release the old in order to make room for the new. As a profound act of self-love, it benefits not only ourselves, but also everyone around us. As we release more of our inner emotional pain, we get less caught up in the pain and drama of others, and thereby reduce the cycle of keeping the pain-train going in the world. By not propagating negativity, true peace can come forth.

Face the boogie man in the back of your mind!

My Mentor Rev. Patrick Cameron advises that one must look at something long enough so that its emotional charge can be transformed and no longer has power over us. I know what you may be thinking: “how long and difficult is that process going to be?”  Yes, you may need to dig deep… and if you do, you will find the necessary courage and strength which can be found in us all. I assure you the boogie man in your mind isn’t as big as it claims to be. And when the light of love is shone upon it, it usually melts to nothing, like when the Wicked Witch of the West was splashed with water in The Wizard of Oz.

Success in resolving painful memories can be achieved by finding a supportive and safe environment with a trusted health professional. Furthermore, you may want to stack your efforts by also hiring a life coach and requesting the support of your family and friends while you go through the process of releasing.

Time to stare those hungry ghosts in the face…I wish you all the best.


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