November’s Monthly Intent

by Carolyn

Seven of swords: We get the feeling of “in-between-ness” with in the seven of swords Tarot card meaning. Not fully grown into maturity, and not in infancy either.

Traditional Rider-Waite imagery shows the figurehead of the card dancing between two focal points. On his left there is the establishment of a community, where home is. To his right, there is a small cluster of people, seemingly in deep discussion.

Note how our figure points his head (the seat of our senses – hearing, smelling, tasting, seeing – although, note the eyes are closed) to the gaily colored tents – where the community is established. Yet, his entire body points in the opposite direction.

Here we see the first interpretive hit leaning towards impulsiveness, and an un-heeding nature. We must ask ourselves, why does the figure walk with eyes closed? And why is he moving in the opposite direction of where his senses are pointed?

Do you get the sense of blind indirection in the seven of swords card? Our figure cannot know where he goes without projecting his senses in that direction first. The message: “There is no hope of finding our true path if we give no consideration to the direction we are taking first.”

Now we begin understand the juxtaposition. Do we take the path of orthodoxy? The tried and true way? The way yielding expected results? The path we know is safe?

Or, what if we take the dreaming mind’s path? What if we hold the thoughts of hearth and home in our consciousness while closing our psychic eyes and conjuring up creativity to be our sole guide on the journey to exotic realms?

Whichever path we take, when this cards shows up in a reading it is essential to make that clear choice first. The high advice of this card is: “Be not of two minds.”

Some Questions the Seven of Swords Tarot Card Meaning Prompts:
Am I clear about the choices I’m making? Why am I making these choices?
Am I clear about the direction in which I’m headed?
Is the traditional way always the best way?
Or, can I use traditional methods in innovative ways?
Am I using all my senses to the best benefit of myself and others?
Am I sending mixed signals?
What am I leaving behind?
Do I feel I have to give things up in order to gain? Why?

Source: Gilded Tarot

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