Yield Perspective Behind Your Pain

by Carolyn
Carolyn J. Collin Edmonton Life Coach Divorce Coach Support Groups

Today I would like to touch on pain and the purpose behind it. I’m sure you would agree, there isn’t a human being out there that hasn’t been touched with some level of pain. Whether it be a small hurt that remains for a short term or a much larger one that persists for years or maybe a lifetime.

Whatever level of experience you have gone through, its important to your wellbeing to frame your pain in a way that will serve and support your highest good.

Pain, A Powerful Elixir For Change…  

The emotions that arise from a painful strife or a struggle can provide a remarkable amount of fuel to move you forward like no other experience can. When you look at pain from this point of view it may provide your mind with the ability to manage it’s state, towards healthier ways of thinking and behaving.

Take a moment to recall a time when you were going through something that redefined you in ways for the better? Note, you may have not realized it until years later, the hidden gem it contributed to your world. Are you going through another one of those times now? With this said, I encourage you to use the power of hindsight to yield a pragmatic perspective behind your current affliction(s).

Based on the results in my own life and personal reflection, I have always been carried to higher ground. I believe pain can be a powerful game changer. Yet, it’s important to note that there are also opportunities to transform without having to pass through such adversity.

What Are Your Painful Emotions Telling You…

What if there was a book out there that could tell you exactly what your emotions are for and the gift concealed within them? Emotions such as: anger, guilt, shame, fear, confusion, jealousy, envy, sadness, grief, depression, joy and happiness.

I’d like to introduce you to a book called, “The Language of Emotions,” written by Karla McLaren. She is an award-winning author and pioneering educator that has created a resource, on the full spectrum of human emotions which teaches you how to work through your feelings in order to receive their hidden wisdom and blessings for the purpose of living a more balanced and happy life.

Shift Perspective By Giving Your Brain New Information… 

In order to get “unstuck” from emotional trauma and discomfort, I would advise and encourage you to view the circumstance with a different lens. You can do this by reading or researching the conditions or dilemma your undergoing. You can also ask others for help, such as hiring a life coach. Providing your mind with new ideas and new information to chew on, will allow an opportunity for the old mental tapes to be recorded over. Subsequently, a shift in perspective then has a chance to occur and therefore so do your results. As always, I wish you all the best!

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