September’s Monthly Intention

by Carolyn

This could be the month you find yourself falling in love. “Gifts of flowers, love letters, and poems read aloud are all in your future. Marriage proposals, weddings, and past-life connections are possible. Someone new who is romantic, dreamy, and emotional may enter your life. ”

That being said, are you ready? If this is what you want in your life–set the intention! Write out a list of your ideal person or create a vision board of how you want your ideal relationship to look and feel. 5 sensorize it! Take it a step further and meditate daily on it as if “it” already exists.

My prayer for you is that you’ve done your emotional work, cleaned house, and are happy well enough on your own before inviting someone into your world. May your life be filled with real love, unending joy, passion and purpose!

Source: Guardian Angel Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine

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