August’s Monthly Intent

by Carolyn

This month take time to reflect on your life for the purpose of gaining perspective and releasing what’s no longer useful. The tool of daily or weekly reflections will keep you moving in the direction of your goals and/or assist you in leading a life thats truly meaningful.

Grab some paper or a journal and a hot beverage. Put on some ambient light and sounds and consider the following thought provoking questions to get you started:

What qualities do you admire in another person that you feel you are lacking? What actions can you take towards cultivating those qualities?

Are you living a life that truly reflects your values? (What’s important in your life?)

Write about yourself as others see you. Write about yourself as you would like others to see you.

What would you be proud about on your deathbed?

What really makes you happy?

I highly recommend that, if you haven’t yet, you develop the daily habit of reflection. It could have potent changes on your life.

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