Wake Up To Hope by Joel and Victoria Osteen

by Carolyn
Wake up to hope - Carolyn J. Collin Edmonton Life Coach Divorce Coach Support Groups

How do you keep “fear” at bay?…

by amping up your faith and hope! This devotional book provides daily inspirational messages which include prayers and wake up thoughts to start your day off in the right direction. I personally do not consider myself to be religious, but spiritual. That said, this book may not be for you if you have difficulty with the “God” term.

I personally use this book like an oracle by grabbing it first thing in the morning while still in my warm bed…flipping it open and trusting that the message that shows up is the perfect one for me to receive that day. I’ll then conclude my day by reading it one more time to remind myself to keep the faith. (Plus, its a great practice of self-love to read hopeful and encouraging messages prior to closing your eyes.)

With that, may you wake up to hope every morning and go to bed in faith that you are truly loved and fully supported.

Source: Wake Up To Hope by Joel and Victoria Osteen

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