Spiritual Partnership by Gary Zukav

by Carolyn
Carolyn J. Collin Edmonton Life Coach Divorce Coach Support Groups

If you are looking to enhance your relationship with yourself as well as with your partner, you may enjoy this read. This book is about gaining authentic power. Not the kind of power that stems from lies, manipulation, and control of others as well as the environment.

There are two “selves” or thought systems that we operate under. The ego self (fear) and the authentic self (love). One governs itself in fear and the other, love and peace. Gary Zukav speaks to how we are changing from a five sensory being to a multi sensory being.These shifts occurring–are a response to a greater desire for relationships that empower and help us grow.

We are being called to remove the blocks to love that we have created along the way out of fear. We are being asked to express ourselves with honesty, with care and kindness with the intention to evolve. Our World is changing and so are we. Authentic power is the new black. This book provides a great road map.

Source: Spiritual Partnership by Gary Zukav

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