Your Invisible Power by Genevieve Behrend

by Carolyn
Carolyn J. Collin Edmonton Life Coach Divorce Coach Support Groups

This 95 page nugget is referenced as a body, mind, spirit, new thought book. I first learnt about it in a course I took a few years ago called, “Prosperity Plus.” It was a class on how to harness your invisible power. That 12 week course which is taught at the Centre for Spiritual Living changed my financial life!

I remember sitting in my class on a Sunday visualizing and thinking about wanting to own my own place and what that would feel and look like on every level. This book teaches upon mentally seeing ourselves surrounded by the external conditions we wish them to be, in order to activate creative intelligence or energy to help us reach our dreams. There was a part of me that looked to my current conditions feeling–its not possible now but maybe in two years. And then another thought quickly surfaced that I was giving the Universe a command. I immediately backtracked and said–no, why not now! I want that now! There was an emotional shift within my being when I expressed it. It was palpable.

Monday my son called me and (without saying too much to respect his privacy) he shared some information that lit a fire within me. There was no waiting two more years to buy that dream place. I had to find a way to do it now. Tuesday I sat with a mortgage broker and by Thursday I found my brand new place. By the very next week I was approved! A single mom who did it on her own, I couldn’t believe it. I became a firm believer in these teachings.

I am certain that in order to harness your own invisible power, its important to suspend your disbelief, have an open mind and forget about everything you’ve ever been taught. Really…what do you have to lose? This book is extremely affordable at $6.42 and returns its value multiplied. Worth the look my friend. Until next month.

Source: Your Invisible Power by Genevieve Behrend

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