Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud

by Carolyn

Here’s a sweet little book to remind kids and adults (e’hem, cough, cough) how to be kind by filling up others “invisible” buckets. The idea is that we all create positive and negative experiences from time to time thereby either filling up others bucket with good or taking away from others.

We’ve all had these situations where some shiny, smily, soul comes along and just makes us feel on top of the World and then the opposite is true for other souls. It is up to us to decide how we want to show up for people and even for ourselves. If you give yuck to someone, you may experience the same back. Thankfully not all people respond in kind but those that respond in a hurtful manner are only giving you what they have inside. Its not about you.

If you have young impressionable minds at home, this is a darling little read to share with your loved ones. We all play apart in making humanity a better place. Be that person who fills others buckets with joy, love, hope and possibility!

Source: Have you filled a bucket today? by Carol McCloud

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